Start Something Nuevo Soundbites

Back in 2013 a team of LaFe Staff gathered to host a seminar on planting new LaFe ministries on campus. We recorded the audio of that seminar and split it up into small bites so you can easily use it.

Networks of Latinos

Abner Ramos helps you learn where to find Latinos on campus. Particularly, he helps you learn how to learn from campus administration.



Alex Geonetta Trihus shares the why and how of prayerwalking on campus. Her advice is practical and inspiring.


GO Events

Miguel Estevez, a student from UNO shares about Gathering and Outreach Events. He gives great examples that can help you create a big front door to your community.



Alex and Sam Geonetta Trihus talk through internal and external obstacles to planting: fears and insecurities as well as character, finding students, shifting ministry models, and our relationship with God.


Follow Up

Cristina Quintanilla shares both why we follow up with people we’re meeting and how to follow up with them, including key ingredients for a great follow-up system.



Abner Ramos talks about the importance of mentors in ministry and pursuing planting in partnership with InterVarsity chapters on campus.



Eric Rafferty shares simple spiritual practices that will help you maintain your relationship with Jesus while you plant: Begin your day with prayer, Listen to God/friends/people on campus, Eat in community, Serve, Share your story (your testimony or some recent story of God’s faithfulness to your).


Moses Study

Kristy Robinson shares about our 8-week Life of Moses Bible Study that you can use to help launch new LaFe ministries on campus. Click here to check it out.

Steve Tamayo serves as the Special Projects Director for LaFe, InterVarsity’s Latino Fellowship. He’s married to Amy and together they have two sons, Will and Jack. Steve is also the Associate Pastor at Chatham Community Church.

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