Where to Find Latinos on Campus


When you begin to plant a ministry on campus for Latino students one of the first questions you’ll ask is, “Where do I find Latino students on campus?” This short 9 minute talk by Abner Ramos is filled with tips on how to network within the Latino community on campus and find where students are. He’s got great ideas about utilizing holidays, connecting with other Latino organizations, and even what you should put on your flyers when you advertise on campus.

This talk is a part of the broader seminar, Start Something Nuevo, so be sure to check out the rest of it for more great tips!

image credit: CSUF Photos

LaFe Values Expressed in the Resource

Abner has served with LaFe in East LA for more than a decade. He now co-leads the LA LaFe team with his wife, Molly, and serves as the National LaFe Chapter Planting Coordinator. You can follow him on twitter, but if you want mad vision then you’ll want to hit him up on Facebook.

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