Outreach Idea: Hosting a Latino Film Festival

As ministry planters we’re always looking for new ideas to help us do outreach on campus. Hosting a Short Film Festival could be a great way to help you meet new students and engage in spiritual conversations. Short films, usually less than 10 minutes in length, open the door to a depth of sharing about our spiritual journey and views in unique ways. They are a perfect resource to help people cross the Five Thresholds of Postmodern Conversion. Even if you don’t consider yourself a film critic, there are great resources available to help you pull off your own film festival.

The Global Short Film Network is a ministry dedicated to developing short films that can be used to help further spiritual conversations and see the gospel go forth. Their website provides not only short films for you to use for your festival, but also pre-made discussion questions to accompany each film. At the end of this post, we’ll provide a checklist for creating your very own film festival on campus. Here are a few films we’d suggest using for a film festival that we think would work well in a Latino audience:

Waiting on the Alchemist – This film was created specifically with Latino college students in mind. It explores the pressures Hispanic students can face from their family and friends when they choose to go to college. We highly recommend showing this film.

La Búsqueda – the story of a father and daughter and the efforts he will go through to search for her.

How to Create Your Own Film Festival:

  • Read the outreach guide with tips on how to help you pull off your own event.
  • Select 3-4 films for your festival. You are not limited to films from the GSFN, but if you use videos from other sources make sure you have permission to exhibit them publicly.
  • Choose a location and begin to promote your film festival on campus. Maybe consider even co-programming the festival with another Latino student group or department on campus.
  • Train your fellow students on how to use the videos to promote spiritual conversations.
  • Followup with students who expressed interest in having more spiritual conversations.

Hosting a Film Festival on campus can be a great way for you to meet more students as you plant LaFe at your school. Go ahead and try one today, even if you just try it on a small scale!

What short films would you recommend that could go well in a festival like this?

A white guy, missioeric believes that today’s Latino college students represent tomorrow’s world leaders. He’s helping them prepare for greatness.

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