Here at we’re excited to release a new resource for you to search and create Discipleship Cycles:

“What is a Discipleship Cycle?”, you might say. I’m glad you asked!

One of the last commands Jesus gave His followers before ascending from the Earth was to “make disciples of all nations”. As believers, we intuitively know we want to do this, yet we’re often not sure where to start. InterVarsity has created a simple, yet effective tool to help you grow in your ability to disciple others: the Discipleship Cycle.



A Discipleship Cycle consists of four parts:

  1. Hear the Word – Spend time in the Bible, engage God’s Word together.
  2. Respond Actively – Take what you’ve heard and put it into practice, just like the disciples.
  3. Debrief & Interpret – Deepen the learning experience, prayerfully reflect on your active response.
  4. Expand the Influence – Invite your friends to experience Jesus too. Strategically share about what God did.


To watch a Discipleship Cycle in action, check out this video:

Discipleship Cycle Case Study (with graphics) from InterVarsity twentyonehundred on Vimeo.

We created to be a place where you can search Discipleship Cycles that others have created, download them in a printable PDF format to share with others, and also upload your own cycles. The more you share the more we all benefit!

Now that you’re learning about Discipleship Cycles, head over to and share the ones you’ve created with the world!

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