Celebrating Las Posadas Missionally

What is Las Posadas?

Las Posadas is a Latino tradition, particularly in Mexico with origins in Spain, that celebrates the Holy Family and the coming of Christ. Meaning “the Inns” in Spanish, Las Posadas remembers Mary and Joseph as they searched for lodging in Bethlehem.

Las Posadas typically involves a reenactment of the Holy Family as they came to Bethlehem and sought housing. The community will gather and participate in a procession, going from house to house singing songs and asking if there is any room in La Posada for the Holy Family. Turned away at every dwelling, the family is finally received at the last home and often a party takes place in celebration.

If you are interested exploring more of the theology of Las Posadas, I encourage you to check out this Masters Thesis by Patrick Cox: The Ecclesiology of Las Posadas.

Las Posadas for Catholic and Non-Catholic Students

Las Posadas originally started in the 16th Century as a Catholic festival, but now is celebrated by many Protestant Latinos. It is a time to both celebrate the Holy Family as a community as well as spend time in reflection about our own lives as we prepare for the coming of the Christ. Las Posadas is a great event to help bring together the Catholic and Protestant parts of your LaFe community together in celebration.

Heart for the Margins

Las Posadas represents an opportunity for your LaFe group to continue to grow your heart for those on the margins. It can be a part of your yearly rhythm to celebrate together and remember God’s heart for the marginalized. He came to an unwed mother, to a backwater town in the empire, where there was no room for Him in La Posada. Celebrating together can be a powerful reminder that He still comes for the same types of people today. God has room for us and for our stories.

Las Posadas also invites each of us to examine our own hearts as we enter the Advent Season. Do we have room in our own lives for people seeking shelter? Is our heart welcoming to the stranger, the refugee? How welcome is Christ in our own lives? Do we have room in our Posada for Him?

Missional Las Posadas

Finally, Las Posadas represents a missional opportunity for your LaFe community on campus. It is a great time to connect with other Latino organizations or even the multicultural services department of your college or university. Co-programming a Las Posadas event on campus helps students to learn about LaFe, helps you strengthen relationships across organizations, and allows you to connect spiritually with students during a naturally spiritual part of the year. Celebrating Las Posadas on campus has been a huge help to our movement in the past. We definitely recommend you making it part of your LaFe yearly calendar.


If you’d like to celebrate Las Posadas in your LaFe chapter or Bible study this year, check out some of the resources below that we’ve gathered for you. And as always, feel free to connect on our Facebook group or with LaFe coaching to get help in planning and executing your Las Posadas event!

Las Posadas Songsheets

Las Posadas Resources (Including Powerpoint and Gospel Presentation)

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